Create EBooks in PDF Format

When I first wanted to sell ebooks, I was overwhelmed. How do I put my e-book on my website? How do I turn my e-book into a PDF so others can read it? My list of questions went on and on. As I researched e-books, I discovered it is really quite simple. All I had to do was use the right shareware to create PDF ebooks.

Once I found the software, the rest fell into place quite nicely. My favorite way to publish an e-book is with a PDF file. Don't get scared at a new term.

A PDF is basically a small file that anybody can read on any computer with any operating system. This is one of the best ways to satisfy PC and MAC users. A PDF is also easy to move around.

You can even attach it to an email if it's small enough. Now you are wondering where do I find a way to create PDF ebooks with shareware. It is so simple, anyone who can print a Word document can make a PDF. Just go online and google "PDF995". You will find a free software that will convert your document into a PDF and it's all free.

Once the software is installed in your computer, it works in the same way as your printer. Open your document and click the "print" button. A screen pops up which allows you to select the printer you wish to use. Use the drop down menu to select the PDF maker, and select "print". Instead of printing, your document will be converted into a PDF. Once that happens, anyone can read it on any computer, using any operating system.

You can search online for other create PDF e-book shareware programs. Check the programs carefully, and choose one that will keep your links functioning. As your customer reads your e-book, those links help them to access your webpage. Many free PDF software programs do not allow you to create clickable links. If your e-book is meant to help you sell other products through your website, those links must function perfectly. If they don't work, it will hurt your business.

After your e-book is in PDF format, you need to know how to put e-books on your website. Simply open your FTP program. Drag and drop your PDF e-book onto your server. Voil! You are now selling your e-book online! As people buy your book, provide them with the link to access the PDF you just added. It is easy, and it works.

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