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ChatDollars is the leading chat line affiliate program and the first to offer a Dating Affiliate Program for the highly popular phone chat line industry by partnering with the wildly popular Talk121 phone chat.


Affiliate programs. Sounds like heavy stuff. What are affiliate programs really? These days, it's so easy to set up your own web page. If you have a computer and internet access, you can simply go to a site such as GeoCities ...


Don’t create a site just to sell products or services through one or multiple affiliate programs because you will mostly likely end up spending more in advertising than what you will make on commissions.
I can almost guarantee that you will lose money, and keep on losing money, and end up just like me. I learned it the hard way. I hope you don’t make the same mistake I have. I was very clumsy in making that decision, and I regret taking such careless actions.


If you have been involved in running your own online business you are at least somewhat familiar with the affiliate business. You have most likely read all the potential of signing up as an affiliate ...


This article will focus on the running of an affiliate program instead of the initial software needed and the affiliate directories you should submit your program to. This article is for people that are past this stage. If you need that info, visit my site. These are the basic steps any webmaster should take once their program is set up. If all you do is install some good affiliate software and submit your program to a few good affiliate directories you will begin ...