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How to Make Your Blog Survive the Latest Blogging Fads It seems that every few years there is some kind of product or service that promises to make you tons of money or get you indexed by Google in just a few days. Most of these ebooks or guides overpromise and under deliver. You've probably been burned by one, two, or three of these so called "step-by-step" guides because the information was either to elementary or it was too complex. Let me break down the steps that you need to take to make your blog survive and even thrive through all of the blogging fads that arise. Step #1 - Focus on content.

Content has to be the #1 priority of your blog and you need to write about what you know. Just by writing about what you know, you will be recognized as an authority in that area in no time. You have to inject your personality into the content as well. Don't be dry or dull. Write engaging content that makes the reader think and act upon what you are saying.

Step #2 - Network with other blogs. To survive, you'll need to be friendly and make friends. Find other blogs related to your own blog and comment on them. This is a quick way to get people interested in what you have to say to come to your blog.

Leave insightful comments on their blogs and people will follow you to your blog. You can also contact the blog owner and offer to write a unique blog post for them in exchange for a link back to your own blog. Most blog owners will snap this up in a heartbeat because it's free content for them and it helps establish a relationship.

Don't be afraid of networking. Step #3 - Make your blog sociable. Take advantage of each and every plug-in or add-on that you can use for your blog.

Most of these services are free and they are specifically designed to help get your blog content out to a larger audience. Make your blog Diggable, make it del.icio.

us, use reddit, sign up with OnlyWire.com and get your content out there. The more unique and better your content is from other blogs in your niche, the more that your content will be shared. It's just the natural effect of the blogosphere. When others are trying the latest fad and wondering why it's just not taking off like they were told that it would, you will have separated yourself from the "fad followers".

You will have a blog that has fantastic, unique content, is networked, and is sociable and these factors will be what makes you survive beyond the fads. Copyright (c) 2008 Mike Row.

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