How to Make a Fortune in Domain Name Wildcarding

In our world today, and especially over the next decade, the internet will become more than just a way to check sports scores and movie showtimes: it will literally become an extension of global consciousness. The more a country's population has rapid internet access, the more conscious that country's population will be. This has recently been evidenced by the internet crises in Africa and the Middle East when large undersea cables were severed and business nearly came to a stand-still in these areas. In fact, if Benjamin Fulford is chosen to be the new Finance Minister of Japan, the large Japanese foreign dollar reserves (near $5 trillion) should no longer be spent funding America's war and instead will be spent on a global humanitarian mission to provide citizens in third world countries with adequate food, modern resources, and an internet connection for nearly every person. Are you beginning to see the potential of the internet? In the near future, EVERYONE will be connected to it.

If you are a reader of "What is Enlightenment" magazine, then you already understand the fact that the Web 2.0 boom is literally creating a haven and gathering place for higher consciousness. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to a way to make large amounts of money that very few people know of, called domain name wildcarding. But more than just giving you practical information about this single strategy, I want to walk you through what it takes to identify a new opportunity for business and profit that has been made possible by rapid changes in communication technology. Due to the fast-paced nature of technoogical proliferation, the internet of 1-5 years from now will be much different than the internet of today, and it will be the men and women who can take in and understand all of this new technology and what it means for society, and then identify and take advantage of the new opportunities presented who will be the financial juggernauts of tomorrow. I want you to be one of these new tech-savvy modern moguls.

What is Domain Name Wildcard Redirecting? Before we go any further, I want to explain to you exactly what the concept of a 'wildcard' means in internet terms. A wildcard is basically a domain name that does not exist, or for a search engine it can be a string of words that have never been searched before. In fact Google states that a significant amount of all of its searches (over 25%) are wildcards, meaning that when a person does their search they are the first person ever to type those exact words in that exact order. So if you were to type a domain name directly into your web browser and you made a typo, and the typo version was not registered, this would be a wildcard.

For example, the most popular top-level domain that you are probably already familiar with is 'com,' but the top-level domain 'cm' is called a country code TLD and is dedicated to the country of Cameroon. So if a person were to type in a certain domain name and accidentally forgot to type the 'o,' then they would be redirected to the domain name servers of Cameroon. Probably one of the most notable and press-worthy examples of making money with domain name wildcarding is Kevin Ham dealing directly with the government of Cameroon so that anytime a person on the internet makes a typo and forgets to type the 'o' and the resulting 'cm' domain name is not registered, they will be redirected to one of his websites. There is a good chance that you might not be in a position to take advantage of the opportunity presented by domain name wildcarding, because you will need a very large budget in order to even compete in this esoteric industry. In fact, if you have some serious spending power and decide to really get into this market, you will be going up against companies like Verisign and large internet service providers.

It will also help if you are experienced in software and web development and have a good background knowledge of how the domain name industry works, otherwise your competition will soar ahead of you. If however, you do have the courage and spending power to venture into this realm, there are many opportunites that are just coming into existence. If you are reading this article then you are probably aware of the new 'asia' top level domain that has recently been launched and the resulting corporate spending spree that it created. There will probably be a new wave of controversy following this and other internet industry developments, and if you are savvy enough to see the signs then you might be in a position to take advantage of massive opportunity.

Verisign is one of the main companies that competes in this industry, but many internet service providers (ISPs) are also getting into the mix by creating their own landing page anytime a domain name is typed into a web browser that does not exist. Most of the time these landing pages redirect to a search page with results related to the words in the mistyped domain name and also sponsored results, which is how they make money. Applying the Wildcard Concept to Search Engine Optimization Another way that you can make money with wildcards on the internet has to do with search engine optimization. As an example, many people are coming online looking for ways to create an online income so that they can quit their job, so a term like 'e-commerce' will have a lot of competition in the search engines.

But if you were to take a longer term such as 'make money with only a laptop,' there is a chance that long multi-word search terms like this are wildcards or at best only get a handful of searches per day. If you could get even just 3 links pointing to your webpage with a long and hardly used keyword, and if you also incorporate this keyword into the title and header tags of the page, then you will very likely rank at the top when anybody searches for this term. So in conclusion, the bottom line is this: Domain name wildcard redirecting, if you have the resources to take advantage of it, can be a stellar way to get free visitors that you can redirect to any website you deem fit. But moreover, reading through this article has been a mental exercise that should make you more able to identify new opportunities as they come about from changing technology.

Andrew Shiveley, a successful online entreprenuer, is the webmaster of where he gives free search engine optimization advice about effective SEO methods that get high rankings and free traffic.

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