Top Tips To Beat Competition on eBay

Competition on Ebay is stiff, stiff for both the buyers and the sellers. Competition on eBay must have affected you regardless of whether you are a full time trader or a hobby part time seller. Obviously enough, the competition on eBay is sure going to shoot up without with out any letup what with its increasing popularity with retail sellers, in the first place and consumer fraternity. Given this market scenario, you need to plan a few strategies to stand out in the crowd. Planning well is what separates the Power Sellers from the hobby sellers. Top Tips To Beat Competition on eBay You can easily find any number of tips on this subject but implementing them all may not be worth the effort unless you strategize first.

So, ideally you will work on three different things that get you more sales. 1. Marketing the store to ensure more 'HITS'. Look into Ebay Traffic Generation 2.

Enticing or teasing the customers through value additions, Look into Unique Selling Proposition (USP) 3. Price adjustment to drive volume up, look into Ebay Price Listing Strategies Increasing Ebay Traffic Although more hits to your store doesn't guarantee increased sales, not having it will not either. Implement one or all of keyword optimization or sponsored text ads or search marketing as the first step.

Improved formatting, designing and use of better/more pictures cut down on bounce rates eventually helping to pushup bids/sales. Next, horizontal expansion (adding an array of categories) brings in more traffic and customer who doesn't wish to enter a bid at prevailing price may look for other items within your store. And we know, in ebay, it is all about how much ebay traffic you have which will be translated to a relatively higher percentage of sales. Unique Selling Proposition Value addition scores next in sales conversion. Innovative offers like 'Buy 2 and get 1 free' or 'Buy 3 and avail free shipping' makes fence sitters rethink.

You can completely review your warrantee and return policies and make them known for greater impact. Online buyers tend to make decisions on price factor. The underlying idea is to workout higher volumes for sales growth.

If you can offer bulk or group booking discount on Christmas season you will not be surprised to have spikes in sales volumes. Price adjustment need not always mean discounts. You can position price between your primary and secondary competitors and as for product positioning always do it one above.

Integrate Backwards These things apart, backward integration steps like cutting down on costs on purchase/shipping (buy locally to save the entire shipping cost), automating routine aspects in addition to rewarding loyal customers will all see you surging past eBay competition. So, make sure you do try you best in conducting your ebay business honestly and do remember to ask for a positive feedback! Starting Your Own Ebay Business Anyone can have a successful business on Ebay. All you need is a proper guide to how you can properly set the foundations of your business. We do urge you to visit our site dedicated to guiding you fully through all the steps of setting up your ebay business. Ebay Power Sellers make up a mere 4% of the total Ebay community. Although a small percentage, this percentage translates to about 2 million sellers! You can be a power seller!.

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